Бегущая строка текста в HTML В случае обнаружения пожара в лесу, звоните 8 02153 67710, соблюдайте в лесу правила пожарной безопасности! У выпадку выяўлення пажару ў лесе, тэлефануйце 8 02153 67710, выконвайце ў лесе правілы пажарнай бяспекі! If a fire is detected in the forest, call 8 02153 67710, follow the fire safety rules in the forest!

National Park Braslavskie Ozera

+375 29 2262246 (Пн-Пт 08.00-17.00)    RU BY EN


Digital appeals

Digital appeals are send on our email braslav_by@tut.by or by digital form:

   Form for citizens’ appeals

  Form for legal entities and entrepreneurs’ appeals

Digital appeals are reviewed according to the requirements of actual legislation of the Republic of Belarus. 

Digital appeals are answered in a written form (written notifications are send) if:

• Applicant in his written appeal asks for sending him a written answer or sending him simultaneously both a written answer and answer on his email address;

• Email address noted in a digital appeal isn’t working properly so it is impossible to answer it by email.