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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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Will you willingly exchange your hotel room for the moments of solitude on a shore of a picturesque lake or for chatting with friends near the campfire? Then - the holidays in a campsite of the National park “Braslavskie ozera” will be the great variant for you. You will feel the beauty of the nature, enjoy the silence, relax and rest from the noise of a big city in a cozy arbor.

Totally, on the territory of the national park there are 77 reserved campsites.

Public campsite  –  is the place designed for stay and rest of tourists. Here you can stay at any time if there are free arbors or canopies. What is a rest on the public campsite? "... is a little life ..."


Reserving campsite – is a campsite with the possibility of preliminary reservation and preliminary payment. Reservation of campsites for a season 2020 will be available from

All the campsites are situated near the lakes and equipped with arbors or canopies, tables and benches, campfires and garbage collectors.

National park “Braslavskie ozera” gives great opportunities for the rest in nature’s lap. There are the best resting places in Belarus for everybody!

Look for your best variant in our catalogue of campsites!  

If you have any questions, call the tourism department: +375 29 22 62246; +375 2153 67700, or write on turizm@braslavpark.by

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