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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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Typical geomorphological structure of Braslav Lakeland appeared during ancient glaciation. The accumulation of the glacier deposits was connected with massive gradual stopping of the glacier. Its long stable position affected not only by climate but also by the peculiarities of the anthropogenic surface of the area.

Territory of the national park is attached to the Braslav elevation and Polotsk lowland. The major part of the territory belongs to the central part of Braslav edge glacier elevation, the forming of which dates back to the end of the glacier era.

The significant steepness of the hills (up to 20-30 degrees), morphological diversity of hills and ridges and waviness of the crests evidence the youth of the relief of the elevation.

With comparatively small absolute heights of the modern surface – 150-200 m. (maximum height – 210,8 m. in the east nearby Sutorovshina village) the territory of the elevation characterizes by the significant dissection.

Deep erosion and forming processes of the modern valleys appears to be weak. Valleys of the small rivers, streams and channels very often expressed and disposed on a lowland surface, created by the glacier. Even the most significant river of the studying region – Drujka, the left influx of river Daugava, gets its final valley view only at the gateway of the system of Braslav lakes.

The relief outstands by its extreme diversity. There are widespread edge glacier formations, esker-kame complexes, areas of lake-glacier lowland that are complicated by the hollows. The main relief of the modern surface of Braslav elevation creates its lake-hill relief type.

Numerous lake hollows typical for Braslav elevation usually are connected by small rivers, streams, canvas and channels creating the whole lake systems (the biggest are Braslav and Bogino systems).