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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

+375 29 2262246 (Пн-Пт 08.00-17.00)    RU BY EN

Hunting tours organization

Hunting tours organization

The national park “Braslavskie ozera” organizes individual and group hunting tours both for foreign citizens and for the citizens of Republic of Belarus.

Clients from Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Finland and Russia hunt in our land every year.

We organize all types of hunting that are typical for Belarus:

  • Collective hunting – exhausting of wild animals to shooters (shooting line) with hounds.

  • Individual hunting from ambush, from “coming up” from “driving up”

  • Hunting for birds (waterfowl, swamp fowl and upland fowl)

  • Hunting for fur-bearing animals

  • Hunting for wolfs (with flags, from ambush) and other types of hunting.

The administration of the hunting grounds gives the full package of services for organizing hunting tours, including the invitation, meeting, transfer, comfortable stay, hunting events, taxidermist service. The hunting right in Belarus is given to foreign citizens after the showing of the necessary hunting documents, given to them in their country.

Additional services:

  • Creating of documents for weapon and ammo transportation;

  • Meeting at the airport;

  • Guidance to the destination and back to the airport;

  • Guide-interpreter services;

  • Organization of hunting: providing with high-qualified huntsmen, providing with transport.

  • Trophies dissection and preparing them for transportation;

  • Preparation of the documents for transportation of the hunted trophies.

  • Staying in tourist complexes;

  • Belarussian cuisine with traditional meals or ordered meals (including meals from hunted fowl);

  • Russian bath house (banya);

  • Interesting excursions;

To get information about organization and conducting of hunting tours, please call the hunting grounds department: +375 2153 62 424, +375 29 765 35 56.