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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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Forest certification

Forest certification

The policy of the governmental nature protection institution the national park “Braslavskie ozera”.

Forest certification in the National park “Braslavskie ozera” is realized in compliance with the requirements of the international scheme of the Forest board of trustees in the field of forest certification.

Governmental nature protection institution the National park “Braslavskie ozera” affirms its commitment to the system of managing the forest economy, aiming the preservation of biological diversity.

The National park cooperates with the governmental bodies, public organizations, scientific organizations, citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries on the issues of scientific researches, reserve business, nature economy, economic activity and monitoring.

The institution in its work is guided by the international Conventions, rarified by the Republic of Belarus.

The forecast for the development of the forest economy for 2016 – 2020 was developed.

The policy of Governmental nature protection institution the National park “Braslavskie ozera” in the sphere of stable forest management and forest use is based on the system of forests managing and forest resources on the principles of stability, uniformity, complexity providing economically effective, ecologically responsible and socially oriented forest economy and forest use, preserving of the biological and landscape diversity, the use of forest resources and extracting useful forest features for concrete purposes, keeping its biological diversity and forest productivity, providing the reproduction, viability and stability of the forests, and executed by them corresponding ecological, economic and social functions.

The steady forest management and use in the governmental nature protection institute the National park “Braslavskie ozera” is carried out for the purpose of the preserving the forest and other connected resources, their biological and landscape diversity, strengthening the ecological functions of the forests, keeping social justice regarding the workers of the forest complex and the population connected to the forest, the increase of economic effectiveness of the forest economy and customers content with the forest products.

Main tasks of the National park “Braslavskie ozera” are:

  • preserving of the nature complex of the Braslav group of lakes as historically formed landscape and genetic fund of the flora and animal world, typical for Belorussian Lakeland;

  • preserving the model and unique complexes in their natural state that are on the territory of the National park also the biological and landscape diversity;

  • preserving and restoring the environment creating, sanitary-hygienic, curing, recreational and other valuable qualities of the natural complexes;

  • organization and implementation of the nature protection events on the territory of the National park, providing the keeping of the established protection regime and the use on the territory of the national park;

  • organization of the ecological education of the population and propaganda of the environmental work;

  • organization of tourism, rest and other recreational activity, also curing of the population;

  • making of the scientific researches, connected with the development and implementation of the scientific methods of preserving biological diversity, nature and historical-cultural complexes and objects in conditions of recreational and economy use, the assessment of ecological atmosphere in the region, assistance with the conducting of the scientific-research work;

  • assistance to educational institutions and scientific-research institutions of the Republic of Belarus in training of the scientific stuff and specialists in the sphere of environmental protection;

  • taking part in the development and implementation of scientifically reasonable methods of environmental protection and its rational use;

  • organization of the environmental monitoring;

  • preserving of the cultural heritage (ethnographical, archeological, historical, paleontological objects, etc);

  • organization of the recreational activity;

  • managing of the complex economy based on traditional methods and advanced achievements of the nature use;

  • fulfillment of the economy and any other activity in accordance with the established regime of the protection and use of the territory of the National park.