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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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Cottage «Bogino»

GPS coordinates: 55.427732, 26.810832

Lake Boginskoye is famous for its fishing trophies such as pike and perch. The total area of Lake Boginskoye is around 13 square kilometers. Cottage «Bogino» is located in the southern part of the National Park «Braslavskie Ozera» on the shore of this beautiful lake.

The distance from Braslav town to the cottage is around 30 kilometers.

There are four rooms with 11 separate single beds in the cottage, equipped with all amenities for comfortable staying. This cottage may lodge a company of up to 11 people, has a bathroom and a kitchen for self-catering.

We offer you a wide range of different activities all over the year:

  1. Excursion around Braslav and the National park «Braslavskie ozera»
  2. Photo safari tour
  3. Wonderful motor boat ride
  4. Hunting tours
  5. Fishing tours with a professional guide
  6. Variety of walking and cycling tracks
  7. Ecological tourism

Holidays can be different. Go ahead, hunt for new impressions!

For details about vacation in the Cottage «Bogino», please call us:

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