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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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One of the biggest group of lakes of Belarus, commonly known as “Braslavskie ozera” is located in Braslav surroundings. It consists of more than 50 lakes. Their total area exceeds 130 sq. kilometers; the basin total area is more than 800 sq. kilimoters which equals the third part of the territory of the district. The lakes are connected by many streams (mainly shallow-water), rivers and channels.

The density of lakes in Braslav district is truly unique. If we take into account the smallest reservoirs, it turns out to be around 300 lakes, covering 9% of the total area. The density of lakes is the same as it is in Finland – the country that is famous for its lakes.

Braslav lakes are full of fish of 28 different species. The most valuable are bream, pike, pike perch, tench, burbot, sazan. Also there are perch, roach, rudd, crucian carp, bleak, chub, albula, white brim, ide, ruffe, misgurnus.

Amateur fishermen practice the following types of fishing: float fishing with summer and winter rod, feeder fishing, spinning fishing, life bait fishing. In three reservoirs spearfishing is allowed during daylight.

On the majority of the lakes of the National Park “Braslavskie ozera” it is possible to catch fish by using no more than 5 hooks. The catch limit for 1 person a day is 5 kilos. Before catching you need to buy the amateur fishing license.

Currently the next activities are banned: common prohibition of catching since March 10 to June 08, pike catching from march 09 to April 25, burbot catching from December 25 to February 28. Eel catching is prohibited during a year.


According to the article №103 “The rules of fishery management in the Republic of Belarus” a paid amateur fishing license is need to be returned to the tenant (user) of the fishing area in terms indicated in the license, as well as filling the report with the amount of caught fish by species.

However, during the first quarter of 2011 amateur fishermen returned only 20% from the total amount of received licenses. According to this, on the grounds of the rules mentioned above (point №2 article 103), a person who doesn't return his/her license in time will not get another license during a year.

The rest fishermen-amateurs can get the license only after the showing of a passport (ID for military personnel).

To download new rules of fishing since June 26, 2014 click here.


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