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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

+375 29 2262246 (Пн-Пт 08.00-17.00)    RU BY EN

Frequently asked questions

  1. While reserving a campsite, payment bill, ID is necessary. For a public campsite – BYN cash to pay for accommodation , or a check, previously paid to a person on duty of the National park or at the information desk.
  2. Passports (for children – birth certificate), because many campsites and attached territories are in the frontier area, and the frontier guards have the right to conduct the procedure of identification. You should give them the bill and check, that will affirm the payment, because there might be an argument over why are you moving through the border area. If you are heading to the public tourist camp, you can purchase the voucher beforehand from the person on duty of the National park. Non-paid voucher may cause conflict (especially for foreign citizens), because of the rules of visiting frontier areas established by the State.
  3. If you are planning to do some fishing on the lake which belongs to to the group of paid lakes, you should have your fishing license with you
  4. Tent, canopy.
  5. Sleeping bag and inflatable mattress or a mat
  6. Dishes (mug, deep plate, ladle, spoon, fork, knife, pot, frying pan, metal kettle, opener), dishwashing liquid.
  7. Flashlight, medicine chest.
  8. Personal hygiene items, insect repellents.
  9. Set of warm clothes.
  10. Matches, mean for fire ignition, drinking water, axe, saw (preferably 2-handed).
  11. Nutrition products.
  12. Garbage bags.
  13. Swimming trunks, bathing suit.
  14. Sunblock cream.
  15. Folding chairs.
  16. Photo camera.

Yes, they are. This violation causes the fine of up to 227$. Moving out of the campsite, throw the garbage into garbage collectors. They are near each campsite.

You can move in the camp in Friday since 13.00 or later and move out in Monday not later than 12.00.

In reserving campsites firewood is included in price (at the rate of 0.032 m3 per 1 person).

In public campsites there is no firewood. It can be brought or purchased at the selling point:

  1. Information point of the National park “Braslavskie ozera” (near river Druika – crossroads highway “Braslav – Miory” and “Braslav - Sharkovshina”), tel. +375215332644 GPS: 55.618171, 27.112220). Working hours: only in summer, Sunday -Thursday 09.00-21.00; Friday: 11.00-23.00; Saturday: 05.00-17.00.
  2. General tourist camp “Peretyag” GPS: 55.720972, 27.064083. Working hours of the firewood selling points: only in summer, Thursday - Monday: 17.00-19.00.

You can only gather dry branches or cones from the ground. Remember, that in the forests of the National park any firewood cutting is prohibited by the law (even if a dry tree is standing or lying on the ground – it is prohibited to cut it). For this infringement there is the responsibility of at least 56.7$ + damages for each cut tree.

For convinient cooking you should buy a 2-ring plate with the set of: 3 liter gasbag with the classic valve, gas reducer with the hose. This gasbag is enough for a whole week. If you run out of gas, the gasbag can be refilled at the gas station.

For reserving campsite the price given in description is for a whole company (for 24 hours).

For public campsite the payment is charged from each person (for children below 6 it is free). The price for accomodation in a general torusit camp is 4.00 BYN for 24 hours in case of staying for less than 11 days, or it is 3.5 BYN for 11 days and more.

No, parking is included in whole price.

We reccomend you to buy drinking water in shops and markets of Braslav, like Euroopt.

You can also buy in the bottling of drinking water highly purified and saturated with minerals at a car wash at Braslav, st. Dzerzhinsky, 79A. Hours: Around the clock. st. Dzerzhinsky 79A +375 29 7103930 +375 44 4666020

Self-service car wash works in Braslav (IP Eromenok V.V.)

Work time: round the clock st. Dzerzhinsky 79A
+375 29 7103930
+375 44 4666020
  • shampoo, active foam, wax;
  • free wifi, free swap wheels;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • free charge of phones, tablets .;
  • ale of bottled drinking water highly purified and saturated with minerals.

For payment at a car wash, Belarusian cash is used (coins in denominations of 10, 20, 50 kopecks, 1 ruble, 2 rubles, banknotes 5 rubles, 10 rubles)

GPS coordinates: 55°39'01.5"N 27°02'30.3"E

No, the renting service (boat, bicycle, catamaran) is provided only in our tourist complexes (Zolovo, Leoshki, Dryviaty).

Free toilet is in the shopping mall “Euroopt” (GPS: 55.647189, 27.035017), paid – at the bus station in Braslav (GPS: 55.636500, 27.033316)

To find a road to the campsite, use routes, marked on the maps, and text descriptions of the routes on our site braslavpark.by. Use GPS pointing at the location of campsites, but only for control of your own location. Don’t trust the routes suggested by GPS-navigator, because they may lead you by impassable roads. Pay your attention on road indexes. On each campsite there is a nameplate with its name.

Try to use any other GPS format. To do that, click the link of GPS-coordinaes given in the description of the campsite, moving to the Google maps.

No, you will have to reach the campsit and put up the camp by yourself.

It is allowed to put up tents near the lakes of Braslav district out of the territory of the National park. The vehicle must stand 30 meters away from the water line.

Take notice that several territories are under the protection of the National park (lakes Uklya, Dolgoe, Inovo). In here it is prohibited to put up the camp out of the specially equipped territories.

Many lakes are in the border land. To stay here legally you should fulfill the requirements of State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

On the territory of the Braslav Lakes National Park, the movement and parking of motor vehicles and self-propelled vehicles outside public roads and specially equipped places are FORBIDDEN! 

 On the territory of the National Park "Braslav Lakes" parking of motor vehicles is allowed at least 30 meters horizontally from the coastline, subject to parking at a specially equipped place (tourist or car parking). In other cases, parking is prohibited.

In case of violation of this rule, a fine of up to 20 basic units is prescribed. It is also forbidden to wash a car in the coastal zone (a fine of up to 20 basic units). 
 Please note that some territories are protected by the national park (areas of Lake Uklya, Dolgoe, Inovo), camps, parking of motor vehicles and self-propelled vehicles outside specially equipped places are also PROHIBITED !

When a fire hazard period is declared, movement and stay in the forest are prohibited.

If you had reserved and paid your rest beforehand, you can move in directly to the campsite.

Yes, you can not to print your payment documents for your own risk, if you are sure that your digital device will not be discharged /lost / forgotten at home during the verification.

National park “Braslavskie ozera” prepared the place for motor boat floating near the campsite “Peretag”, 55°43'15.5"N 27°03'50.7"E (floationg on lake Snudy).

Место сброса катера на Перетяге

There is another one place on the lake Strusto (it will be appropriate if you have an off-road vehicle (all-wheel-drive)) GPS 55°40'27.2"N 27°00'19.9"E (55.674221, 27.005521) - not reaching village Gusarovshina on the road Braslav-Boruny, after the bridge going to the right.

In other places you can float motor boats from the carriage only on the campsite, if the relief and soil density allow you to do that (only in case if you had reserved the camp). After the floating of the boat the car must be driven 30 meters away from the water line.

This infringement will lead to the fine of 45$ to 226$. If you burn the fire in the coastal zone, there is a fine of 45$ (226$ - if an illegal campfire will be under the tree canopies).

Yes, almost on all lakes where are located campsites of the National park, we organize paid amateur fishing. The exception is – lakes Inovo and Uklya.

Lake Inovo belongs to the reserve fund, in here free fishing is allowed (usual fishing). In case of having the hunter and fisherman’s ticket РГОО "БООР" – spearfishing, trolling and catсhing with the total amount of hooks up to 10 per one person

You can buy fishing voucher at these selling points or in the Internet.

For fishing without voucher on the lakes of the National park where is orginized paid fishing there is a fine of 226$ - 567$, and for each fish caught illegally - from 11,5$ to 136$.

Take notice that during fishing you shouldn’t have with you forbidden fishing tools (fishing nets, venter, spear, etc.) if you are less than 1 meter from the water line. In case of violating this rule there is a responsibility of 56$ and more.

In the fishing grounds of the National park “Braslavskie ozera” the next tools are allowed to use: usual fishing rod, spinning, feeder, circles (not more than 5 hooks per 1 fisherman). It is important to know that the legal installing of special fishing tools such as circles, zherlitsa, stavka, kolobashka requires the separate voucher, also on the surface of the given fishing tools must be the following written information: full name of the fisherman, the fishing is allowed only in daylight (these fishing tools can’t be left on the lake without the visual control of the owner).

While trolling (spoon lure fishing with the use of the boat motor), or a spinning it is necessary to buy a corresponding fishing license named "spoon lure fishing from small size vessels, equipped with an outboard engine below 15 horsepower". It is allowed to use one spinnig with one bait (one fisherman / one voucher). While trolling on a rowboat (without engine, on oars) - the voucher for usual catching is bought, you can use up to 5 spinnigs (one fisherman / one voucher).

It is important to remember, that one fisherman can catch on the main lakes of the National park with not more than 5 hooks.

It is necessary to observe the terms of prohibitions during the spawing (catching of all fish species since April 10 to June 8; pike fishing since 09.03 to 25.04; zander fishing since 15.04 to 30.05, catfish catching since 31.05 to 01.07 and 01.11 to 31.03, whitefish catching since 01.11 to 15.12, burbot fishing since 25.12 to 28.02, cryfish catching since 20.03. to 10.06). During the spring spawing it is allowed to catch with one rod, or a spinnig with one hook (or one spoon lure with the triple hook) without the immersing into water, i.m. from the shore and in a daylight, observing the "minimal fish size" and catch limit (do not forget to purchase a voucher for fishing, aslo remember that it is prohibited to catch from bridges and other hydroconstructions, on artificial spawings, not get close to industral nets (they are marked with red buoys)). But you can catch from the laying.

If you had caught the fish that is under prohibition - you should take it off from the hook and release it back into the lake. You cannot use small size vessels after the sunset (finishes in an hour before the sunrise).

Trade fish size (minimal size in sm.), allowed for catching: Pike - 40, Ide - 25, burbot - 36, Asp - 34, Sabrefish - 24, Pike perch - 40, Tench - 22, Sum - 70, Carp - 20, Grass carp - 40, Chub - 25).

Fish size is determined by the distance measurment from the top of the shout (mouth shot) to the basement of the middle beams of the caudal fin.

Yes, the fishing after the sunset is allowed (except the period of spring prohibition),but only from the shore of the lake. Boat fishing is allowed only in daylight (starts one hour before the sunrise and ends up one hour after the sunset).

The objects of paid amateur fishing are all fish and water invertebrates species inhabiting fishing grounds of the National park "Braslavskie ozera" excluding species that are in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus: lamprey, crayfish, sterlet, salmon, brown trout, grayling, common barbel, vimba, snetok, phoxinus. Eel catching is prohibited separately.

Spearfishing for 30.05.2018 is allowed on the lakes Strusto, Snudy, Dolgoe. Only those citizens can do spearfishing in Belarus  who have been taught and got the “Underwater Hunter Certificate” or corresponding certificate, given by the Diving Federation by the state where tourists have come from. (In several countries these certificates are not needed, but not in Belarus). 

Also while hunting in the lakes of the National park “Braslavskie ozera” the voucher for “underwater spearfishing” is needed. Underwater spearfishing is allowed only in daylight (starts one hour before the sunrise, ends up one hour after the sunset).

Catch limit for one hunter / 1 day – 5 kilos and one fish if the total weight including its weight will not exceed 5 kilos, or one fish if its weight will be more than 5 kilos.

You can use one bullet-tip and trident with the amount of teeth not more than 5.

The objects of hunting are all fish species, inhabiting fishing grounds of the National park “Braslavskie ozera” and reached tread measure (tread measure is a minimal size in sm. allowed for catching): Pike - 40, Ide - 25, burbot - 36, Asp - 34, Sabrefish - 24, Pike perch - 40, Tench - 22, Sum - 70, Carp - 20, Grass carp - 40, Chub - 25), excluding species that are in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus: lamprey, crayfish, sterlet, salmon, brown trout, grayling, common barbel, vimba, snetok, phoxinus. Eel catching is prohibited separately.

While underwater hunting it is prohibited to use the means of automatic breathing (aqualungs and other means).

You can use gasoline 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines up to 15 horsepower, or boat with an electric motor of any power.

No, you don't have to, but still small size vessel must be registered and have its boart number. Aslo all individuals who are in the boat must wear life jackets. The boat must be equipped with oars, bucket for scooping the water, medicine and repair chests, fire extinguisher, anchor, mooring device.

No, booking of the reserving campsite for a 2019 season will be opened since 15.01.2019

It will lead to the fine of 45$ - 227$.

Yes, diving is allowed.

Unfortunately, you can't. In 2016 on the territory of the Braslav district there were 4 registered thefts of citizens' property while their rest in the tourist camp. To keep your property safe you should:

- not left your boat with the installed engine and fishing lines on the shore of the lake out of sight for a long time;

- even if you are going to sleep far away from the shore line (in a tent or a car), it doesnt mean that you will hear somebody is trying to steal your boat, motor or other stuff;

- pull the boat out of the water completely on the shore, because sometimes (rather often, actually) boats are dragged into the middle of the lake by waves.

You should go to the Braslav Central Hospital to the adress Sovetskaya street, 138 (GPS: 55.642087, 27.020113). in case of necessity of calling the ambulance, call 103.

If you are in forest during thunderstorm, keep away from separately standing high trees, do not place yourself near the fire because the column of hot air is a good electricity conductor. More often the lightning strokes in oaks, poplars, elms, rarely - in birch and maple.

If your arbor or canopy is located in an open area, do not use it as a shelter.

Place yourself between low growing trees with thick leaves. It is better to seat like "an embryo". Besides, having choosing the shelter, take notice that there are no split trees, early stroked by lightning. It means that soil of the area is of high level of conductivity and new lighning stroke is possible.

On the open area do not stand on elevations, near the power lines and under wires. Seek the hole or ravine and sit there like an "enbryo". If there are no hollows nearby, sit the most closer to the ground or lay down on it. Do not hide in the haystack, in the uninhabited barraks or sheds.

If the thunderstorm caught you near the lake or river, get out of the water, get away from the shore and hide in shelter. If you are in a boat, immediately swim to the shore. The fishing during thundersorm must be ceased.

By no means don't run during thunderstorm. When you are looking for a shelter, avoid those typical breakes on the ground. Specialists call them "the lightning nests": they are the best conductors. You should not gather in groups - in such cases it is better to disperse. You should isolate yourself from the ground, especially if it is wet, having put brenches, clothes and other stuff under yourself. At the same time isolator must be as drier as possible. If near you there is a person, stroke by a lightning, do not be afraid touching him: there will be no charge in him.

The general number of emergency services    


Firefighter service






Call us (8.00 - 18.00 Monday-Fiday; 9.00 - 15.30 Saturday) +375292262246. In case of any issue appeared in non-working time, please call the person on duty of the National park: +375215364581 (around the clock).

The best gratitude for us will be the detailed review of the place of your visit or of the quality of our work.

To make a review of the campsite in Yandex:

  1. open Yandex maps.
  2. type in search "туристическая стоянка" and its name
  3. pick your camp out of the list
  4. scroll down till the button "оставить отзыв"
  5. rate it, write a review and press the button "отправить"

You can make a review of the work of tourism department on this link, to tell about the beauty of the national park - here (Yandex) or here (Google).

Also you can share your opinion about a campsite on our web-site or in our group Vkontakte.

Remember, that you are on the especially protected nature territory, and campsites are public places. Respect nature and citizens, who are having their rest close to you.

Have a good rest and good impressions!