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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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History of scientific research

History of scientific research

The National park “Braslavskie ozera” since the moment of its proclaiming till the present time acted as a polygon for different scientific researches. On its territory were executed both the complex of scientific ecological researches and scientific researches oriented on researching the different components of the landscape and biological diversity aiming to provide their protection and the assessment of the possibilities of their stable use.

The kernel of the protection and the object of management is the picturesque lake terrain of the Braslav group of lakes with the attached territory.

Researches dedicated to the study of the ecosystems of the lakes.

The period of keeping up the knowledge includes mainly hydrographical research and is of the descriptive format. The most early hydrographical researches of the lakes on the territory of the National park were done by the officers of the Main base in the middle of the XIX century.

In 1914-1916 by Vitebsk fish economy expedition gathered by the initiative of Domrachev P. was made the complex limnology survey of the Braslav lakes; 68 lakes were surveyed by the questionnaire method, 50 lakes were surveyed in field.

After the Second World War the study was more systematic and deep. The intense accumulation of complex information about modern lakes and forming of the factological base of the domestic limnology took place. Due to the beginning of the intense exploration of the natural resources of the lakes the way of the problem solving changed. They mostly became complex. To the traditional limnology research were added hydro chemical, hydrobiology, geochemical, paleontological, landscape, ecological researches, also the researches of other scientific directions of the naturalism format.

During the last ten years on Braslav lakes were executed different researches of the processes of the anthropogenic eutrophication and the pollution of the lakes. The big attention is paid to the issues of the exploration of the biological diversity of the reservoirs, rare and relict species of the flora and fauna, the water quality and the protection the most unique ecosystems. Complex fish economy researches are commonly made.

While developing the scientific and technical-economic “sense” of the National park were made complex research and analysis of the current state of the lakes; developing the necessary measures of the protection and making up the ways of its use. At the present stage are conducted researches of the lakes with the purpose of defining the ways of recreational use, evaluation of its recreational potential, monitoring of the state of the populations of protected fauna species.