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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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The hunting farm of the National Park “Braslavskie ozera” is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Belarus on the same border with Latvia and Lithuania.

The total area of its hunting grounds is 221,3 thousand hectares, including woods – 86,6 thousand hectares, fields – 104,3 thousand hectares, water-swamp – 30,4 thousand hectares.

The separation of the relief diversifies the species composition of the flora, increases the mosaic of hunting grounds and creates protective factor. Mosaic composition and complex combination of big and small forest areas, numerous lakes, bending rivers, top and lower swamps and fields create the unique productive opportunities for dwelling of the different populations of wild animals. The great diversity of biogeocenocis on the square of more than 200 thousand hectares allows the making of an observation for the world of wild animals including rare and interesting species: elk, beaver, otter, badger, boar, roe, mink, wolf, bear, lynx, white partridge, black stork, wood-grouse, gray goose, gogol, cormorant, black grouse, osprey, mute swan.

The annual amount of hunted wild animals:

  • elk - 200

  • roe - 200

  • beaver - 300

  • goose – 800-1000

  • duck – 2000-3000

  • hare – 300-500

  • wolf – 20-30

  • fox – 200-300

  • raccoon dog – 200-300