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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

+375 29 2262246 (Пн-Пт 08.00-17.00)    RU BY EN

Demonstration of open-air cages with wild animals

Demonstration of open-air cages with wild animals

The enclosures with wild animals and the safari park are closed until 01.11.2021. in connection with the need to perform repair and construction work on the improvement of entrances, parking lots and paved footpaths, laying of engineering communications, arrangement of recreation areas and the beach area.

Open-air cages and pond economy of the National park “Braslavskie ozera” cover the total area of 1 234,65 hectares and has the fencing perimeter of 24 815 m. It includes the safari-park, demonstrational aviaries and the fish-farm “Mekyany”.

The basic functions are: organization of work on keeping wild animals in the demonstrational cages, organization of fish-farming and paid amateur fishing on a base of pond economy, conducting of biotechnical events in the open-air cages, organization and giving excursions, providing the effective protection of the cages and pond economy and their current managing.


On the territory of open-air cages and pond economy of the national park there are two tourist routes – a hiking trail (4 km.) and a bicycle route (7 km.) Here you can visit demonstrational cages inhabited by both the typical representatives of the local fauna – elk, roe, wolf, fox, boar, partridge, pheasant and rare species, registered in the Red Book of Belarus – bear, lynx, golden eagle. 


Having ride a bicycle on the route of open-air cages economy you can observe animals in their natural habitat. On a feeding platforms you can find an elk, deer, roe, bison. The top of the observation tower faces the great panorama of boundless scope – the right place to make a good photo for memory. Along the way of the routes there are information stands giving much interesting information and pointers will not let you get lost. On the territory of the economy there is available renting of new modern bicycles . 

Services for the visitors of open-air cages and pond economy:

- Paid amateur fishing;

- Hiking trail on the territory of the economy;

- Bicycle route on the territory of the economy;

- Renting of bicycles.


Dear guests!

Visiting of the territory of the open-air cages and pond economy of the “Braslavskie ozera” national park is paid.


The name of the service


 Children (11-14)    

 Children below 10    

Visit to open-air cages

  3,00 BYN  

1,25 BYN

for free

Visit to  safari park

3,00 BYN

1,25 BYN

for free

Visit to  safari park + bicycle rent

4,5 BYN

2,25 BYN

  Fishing licence for one person (pond of the paid amateur fishing )    

10 BYN

+5 BYN per 1 kg 

of caught fish    


GPS coordinates: N 55° 39.452,  E 026° 51.957

 Driving route: The road from Braslav R-3, R-27 in the direction to the Krasnoseltsy gas station, then turn right to the R-3 road, which leads to the customs crossing the Latvian state of Urbana. We move to the turn to the village of Kryuki, then turn left, then 2.5 km along the country road to the fork, take the left and move about 2 km to the asphalt parking lot).