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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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Hiking trail "Hill Pharos"

Hill Pharos – is the best observation point of the National park “Braslavskie ozera”, on which base the hiking trail “Hill Pharos” begins. It is a unique natural object, located between lakes Snudy and Strusto, from the top of which a picturesque and magnificent landscapes and water mirrors are seen, with the numerous islands and shallows.


Hill Pharos represents a distinct glacier kame – dome-shaped precipitous round hill formed from sorted layered material. An absolute height of the mountain is 174 m. above sea level, relatively to the near lakes – Strusto and Snudy its height is 44,7 m. In the beginning of the XX century geodesists put a triangulation tower on its top which local population used to call a “Pharos”. Before that the hill was called a mountain “Bysnya”. Thus, on the territory of the central part of the national park are represented both positive and negative landforms. Such landscapes, being of a low-mountain type is a rare case for a flatland territory.

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