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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

+375 29 2262246 (Пн-Пт 08.00-17.00)    RU BY EN

Business tourism

Reservation of the conference hall

“Braslavskie ozera” national park offers you to reserve the conference hall and conference room to conduct conferences, business-meetings, seminars, business-presentations, trainings and press conferences in the tourist complex “Dryviaty”.

Conference room has a rectangle-shaped table for 24 people sitting around it and equipped with a video system.

Conference hall is for 30 people and equipped with the LCD TV-set (80-centimeter diagonal), projector and monitors to demonstrate films, presentations and reports.

Rooms mentioned above have the additional adjacent place for conducting coffee-brakes – a cozy place for coffee brakes is situated in the same hall on the floor above.

Meals for conferences participants as well as for the participants of business-meetings, seminars, business-presentations, trainings and press conferences is served at the restaurant “Dryviaty” that is situated closely to the hall.

Business meetings participants are to be placed in the rooms of the “Dryviaty” hotel complex.

To consult and reserve, please call: +375 2153 67 700, +375 2153 67 707, +375 2922 62 246 (GSM, Viber, WhatsApp).

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